About Us

Since 1999, the American SEO Marketing team has served more than 10,000 satisfied clients and successfully optimized over 30,000 webpages. We lead the industry with our cutting edge SEO marketing techniques and our many years of dedication and experience in the field of search engine optimization.

American SEO Marketing is quite proud of our expert team of coders, formatters, web designers, search term analysts, copywriters and the sharpest IT minds anywhere. All work together to meet the dynamic needs of our clients with highly personalized one-on-one service to achieve their specific SEO needs.

Our results are guaranteed — we promise clients multiple listings on the first search engine page within 90 days of optimization, or their money back. Our proprietary technology platform allows us to produce long-term results within a very short time frame. After American SEO Marketing optimizes our clients’ websites, they typically experience three to five times the volume of traffic to their sites. In most cases, our clients see 20-30 percent more clicks for the same price.

We thrive on repeat customers, as 80 percent of our clients call us to upgrade their services after we optimize their websites. There are no penalties for upgrades, and we proudly advertise our competitive rates on our website so there are never any surprises.

American SEO Marketing boasts a 100 percent successful track record optimizing our clients’ webpages. Clients who still want to keep their PPC campaigns are delighted at our Google campaign successes. We are so convinced that we offer the best deals around that our clients don’t sign contracts. They don’t need to, as our exemplary results and increased client revenues speak for themselves.

We approach each marketing campaign armed with the latest SEO techniques that catapult our clients to the very first page of the major search engines. If you want to be one of the coveted 10 top-tier listings that roughly 85 percent of users select, you need to schedule a consult today with American SEO Marketing. We have the experience to get your site on the first page, guaranteed!

Please learn more about us at: www.AmericanSEOMarketing.com.

Write to us at our Contact Us page or call us at 214-308-1955.